Sunday, July 31, 2011

Ultimately there is no creation of any kind.

Ultimately there is no creation of any kind.

Namaste RSji,

Ultimately there is no creation of any kind....but attributing some validity for
arguments sake...there is no reincarnation of a personality. There are clouds of
memories so to speak---Nisargadatta Maharaj---tendencies and attributes that
provide the energy for a new body...The ego is only these vibrations at this
time which is only the ego in potentiality as it needs a body,of any kind, to
manifest...The ego rises in the new body as soon as the child realises its own
small "I am' and builds the illusory personality from there...It uses the
defensive reaction response of the animal body and distorts that into the great
ego that humans have. So the
essence is just the egg and sperm of the mother and father and the tendencies
are inherited so to speak...but new ones develop new vasanas...

In all truth this is all in illusion..............Tony.

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