Monday, June 27, 2011

The test for a realised person is

I'll say it again Maharaj says you can only talk of what you 'know'. So all the unrealised teachers, mooji, tolle, gangaji, cohen, etc etc etc...are really only entertainers and only know intellectually more than others -perhaps.-may be useful to neophytes who are unaware of real Mukta Sadgurus...

The test for a realised person is -1. A literal death experience, not a dream or visualisation. Jesus,Maharaj,Ramana,Lakshmana Swamy, Mathru Sri Sarada, Sri Ramakrishna all died and were resurrected as the Self.

2. Be able to teach with silence...As Lakshmana Swamy still does....

The realised Muktas have the Saktipat/Energy of the Self which is out of space and time and distance and is in their very words...

Carmen -- Why did Ramana say that we have to only remove the false idea of being not realized? Or do you think once we remove that false idea we will die?
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Tony O'Clery The ego will die....the body will continue on if necessary...with the universal consciousness..However apparently all realised muktas go through a real death experience as the body loses the ego...Just as a normal body dies when the ego leaves at what humans call death...but the mukta resurrects as the Self.
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Tony O'Clery I only post this as so many follow entertainers and false prophets as Jesus calls them...or actors as maharaj calls them...and there are extant teachings that make the intermediary teachers superfluous and in the main self serving.
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Lakshmana Swamy.