Sunday, July 09, 2017

The need for the reset is again due to confusion.

The need for the reset is again due to confusion...Originally there were 5 races brown, white, black, red, yellow, all with emphasis on a sense, and one set of Adamic laws...Then there came the materialist groupings and anti Adamics. Now all 5 races are intermixed, and there are many formations of humans all with negative spiritual results, capitalism, materialism, authoritarianism, religions like islam., LGBTQ..etc. It is not possible to reform this kaleidescope of nonsense , which has brought anti Christ/ kutastha caitanya groups. So now in the near future there will be a clear out of 3/4 of the population at least, and a new Adamic age...with restrictions for many egos to the lower astral until the new age is solid..could be thousands of years.. Cayce, Bible, Puranas,etc...T

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