Saturday, April 01, 2017

The myriad of vibrations i am and IAM....

In illusion the Big I am,'s mind is a myriad of vibrations and eventually one single vibration, the small I AM or ego picked up separate vibrations so developing separate entities or spirits. Some of these fell into the material plane on earth and became what is called a human soul and possessed many dreamed up bodies, mixtures, then hermaphrodites then male and female,,,,simian...or human. They then rotate through these human bodies in what is called birth and death but in fact is only entering the body and leaving it... Attachment becomes the mystery problem, the projecting out of the entity mind and bringing in ownership of more vibrations which are then part of the mind of the entilty as desires...which create more desires and fears, fear being the feeling of losing some desires.... AND IN THIS ILLUSION THIS CONTINUES ON UNTIL REALISATION AND DROPPING THE MIND..IN THE MEANTIME as we are on a plane of action and reaction karma then enters and has to be continually served. Many entities did not enter into humans or animals form, but developed different ego mind some are Devas or Angels/Gods some are Asuras or Devils...depending on the planes of existence of which there are essentially 7 astrals, then various mentals....and below all these the patalas or hell planes..Tony.

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