Saturday, April 30, 2016

Atlantis rakshasas and Trump

Many will find it hard when I talk of Atlantis....but in India they have texts of many high tech wars tens of thousands of years ago...The Rama wars were a world there are descriptions of THE NAZCAR LINES IN PERU....and cities in the Atlantic Ocean area. ..ALSO LANKA CONTAINS THE OPERATIVE WORD LAN....WHICH IS COMMON TO ATLANTIS---ATLAN---AZTLAN---AVALON-----AFLAN ETC... Atlantis had a land mass in the atlantic and another in the indian ocean....a remnant of Mu..This is whey the Hindu Texts call Atlantis ASWIN OR TWINS..... The Demonics or Rakshasas in the Ramayana are the pre Adamics and their converts who are adharmic and reject the spiritual teachings but not religious as they have their own religions as mohammed did for eg...and his personal life was demonic or rakshasa sons of belial.. The descendants are the POWER ELITE OF TODAY.... THIS IS WHY I LIKE DONALD TRUMP AS HE IS NOT TAKING THEIR MONEY AND HE IS ANTI POWER ELITE.. Social programmes are irrelevant in the USA as they never pass the Congress... The time predicted by Cayce, Babaji, Matthew, Revelations and the Bible generally is almost upon us....That is major wars and earthchanges before a time of peace... IT IS THE LAST STAND OF THE RAKSHASAS AND PRE ADAMIC DESCENDANTS...T....

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