Thursday, February 25, 2016

NIS SAYS, that there is no personality that survives the death of the body, there is a 'cloud' of memories and tendencies that provide the energy for a new incarnation..and a new personality. A human is only a bundle of thoughts anyway.... All these mediums are not talking to a person they are only reading the mind of the living subject and the cloud of memories of a so called dead person. Any entity can possess these memories like they do a human simian...AND THIS CAN BE UNPLEASANT.. NOT ALL ENTITIES ARE BENIGN .......AND THEN THERE ARE PRETAS OR ENTITIES THAT NEVER MADE BEYOND THE SECOND DEATH AND ARE TRAPPED IN THE ETHERIC CLOSE TO THIS MATERIAL PLANE.THESE PERHAPS HAVE MORE RESIDUAL MIND FROM THE BODY/MIND. ALL THESE ENITITY MEMORIES AND TENDENCIES CAN BE USED AND POSSESSED BY OTHER ENTITIES. SO WHEN PEOPLE THINK THEY ARE TALKING TO GRANDMA THEY MAY BE TALKING TO ANY ENTITY.... IT CAN BE DANGEROUS TO THE YOUNG AND UNEVOLVED SPIRITUALLY......T

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