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If you cross reference Edgar Cayce readings on the development of homo sapiens and the splitting of the hermaphrodites, and present homosexual hangover

Tony O'Clery Just now · If you cross reference Edgar Cayce readings on the development of homo sapiens and the splitting of the hermaphrodites into male and female you will see the a common history in all the texts and scriptures. TOO MUCH COINCIDENCE TO BE IGNORED AS SUPERSTITIONS.Modern homosexuality is a hangover. AMILIUS AS ADAM descended to govern the separation of the hermaphrodites...WHY? BECAUSE SEXUAL CONFUSION WAS INTERFERING WITH SPIRITUAL PROGRESS....RIGHT NOW WITH GAY MARRIAGE WE are being taken back to those days again, and the work of Adamics being reversed for sensual reasons and people refusing to deal with their karma...And forcing their wishes on the entire population with this oxymoron.---Gay Marriage. !. This is how the Hindus explain the creation of male and female after the hermaphrodites----T Lord BrahmaIn the Hindu mythology, Satarupa means the 'hundred beautiful form'. She is said to the first woman created by Lord Brahma. Satarupa is the female portion of Brahma. Brahma after detaching himself from the property of anger, in the form of Rudra, converted himself into two persons, the first male, or the Manu Swayambhuva, and the first woman, or Satarupa. It is also reported in the Bhagavata Purana.... T/. 2. The Chumash (Five Books of Moses) Adam and Eve story Adam, a Hermaphrodite? This is a strange question, but I’ve been curious about the syntax of the sentence in Genesis (1:27) where it states that “God created man, in His image he created them; male and female he created them.” Is the Hebrew any clearer, as the syntax in English suggests the possibility that God created man as both male and female? Your intuition is correct. There is an opinion in the Talmud that states that God originally created Adam as a hermaphrodite and then split that one being into two separate bodies. Besides the verse that you cite, there is another a bit further on in Genesis that alludes to this concept: “Male and female He created them, and He blessed them and called THEIR name Adam on the day they were being created.” (Genesis 5:2) Sincerely, Rabbi Ari Lobel. Jewish Also Adams first wife was Lilith --Eve was a new Adamic.. 3.Edgar Cayce Readings....Before that the entity was in the Atlantean land, when there were those periods of activity in which there was the changing of individuals from the double sex, or the ability of the progeneration of activities from self. (ECR: 2390-1)Among those of the entity's own group that division had come in which there had arisen the separation of the sexes. There were those who had listened, and who were inclined to listen to the tempting applications made by the sons of Belial. These had made some impressions upon the companion, upon the workers – together with the entity in its choice of the representatives, in the activity among the peoples of that period. (ECR: 2464-2) SEX IN ATLANTIS (First Draft, posted on: May 22, 2013 by David McMillin) Background In keeping with the theme of looking for the echoes of Atlantis in the modern world, The Cayce readings portrayal of sex in Atlantis includes the full spectrum of sexual experience that now pervades our mass consciousness – and a few wrinkles that even the kinkiest modern humans might find amusing. To be sure, ancient Atlantis had its share of sexual indulgences, seduction, debauchery, beastiality (sex with animals) and sex scandals to rival anything in our modern supermarket tabloids. However Atlanteans tended to be extremists and some of the more extreme forms of sexual expression in Atlantis may be a challenge for the modern imagination. Most notably, androgyny in its various manifestations: biological androgyny (hermaprodites or intersex); psychological androgyny (animus and anima), and social androgyny (unisex) may appear so bizarre as to seem alien. Sex Is Life The world is abuzz with all things sexual. And it is not just the birds and the bees that are buzzing. Sexual reproduction is the means by which all higher life forms on earth are sustained. Without it, entire species would go extinct in one generation. In human experience sex is not a simply biological. Sex is a powerful force across the spectrum of human activity from economics and marketing to social interaction and artistic expression. Even a superficial sampling of modern culture suggests that humans live and breath sex – or at least the marketing gurus of western economies seem to think so. Modern mass media seems preoccupied with sex – whether movies, TV, music, or the internet. To be sure, not all current cultures obsess over sexuality in such an obvious manner. Some highly religious peoples abstain from sexual preoccupation. And yet, even the burkas worn by devout muslim women attest to the power of sexual attraction. The female body must be covered from head to foot to prevent wayward sexuality. That’s pretty powerful. But there is another dimension to sex beyond these rather obvious examples. Androgyny, in all its various aspects, stretches our common notions about the nature of sexuality. Androgyny Androgyny can have several meanings ranging from purely biological to psychological, social, and cultural: 1. being both male and female; hermaphroditic; 2. having both masculine and feminine characteristics; 3. having an ambiguous sexual identity; 4. neither clearly masculine nor clearly feminine in appearance; 5. in botany, having staminate and pistillate flowers in the same inflorescence. (Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, 2012) Biological/Physical Androgyny (Intersex) In biology the term “hermaphrodite” refers to an animal or plant having both male and female reproductive organs (Merriam Webster Dictionary, 2012). As strange as this sound for humans, it is not uncommon in the natural world. Even within the human species, we are used to thinking in terms of either/or – either male or female. And yet some biologists suggest that we think of it as a spectrum or continuum with male and female at the extremes: While male and female stand on the extreme ends of a biological continuum, there are many bodies, bodies such as Suydam's, that evidently mix together anatomical components conventionally attributed to both males and females. The implications of my argument for a sexual continuum are profound. If nature really offers us more than two sexes, then it follows that our current notions of masculinity and femininity are cultural conceits. … Modern surgical techniques help maintain the two-sex system. Today children who are born "either/or-neither/both" – a fairly common phenomenon – usually disappear from view because doctors "correct" them right away with surgery. (Fausto-Sterling, 2000, p. 31) Biologists make the distinction between genotype and phenotype in such discussions. As the term implies, genotype refers to genetic makeup. Phenotype refers to physical appearance. For example, some humans can have female genetic makeup but appear to be males, and vice versa. Some individuals can possess both male and female genes and yet present by phenotype as either a male or a female (but not both). So strictly by appearance one would not know that genetically they are androgynous. Another possibility is that a person can have either male or female genes and yet have both male and female sexual organs (to some degree or other). The most extreme would be full androgyny wherein the individual would have both male and female genotype (genetic material) and both male and female phenotype (sexual anatomy). This is the sort of complexity raised by Fausto-Sterling in the previous quote. So when we eventually get around to discussing androgyny in Atlantis, be aware that even in our modern world, the designation of biological sexuality can be quite complicated. All this simply raises the question of what it really means to be male or female. Psychological Androgyny Although Sigmund Freud is renowned for his exploration of all things sexual, it was one of his followers, Carl Jung, who probably made the most profound contribution to our understanding of the psychology of sex. Jung recognized that each individual, regardless of the biology of sex, is actually psychologically androgynous. Jung labeled the inner sexual aspects of each person the animus and anima – archetypes of the collective unconscious that serve to balance the psyche of each individual. The animus is the male aspect of the female psyche, as the anima is the female aspect of the male psyche. In other words, at a fundamental level of the psyche, men have a feminine side and women a masculine. The integration of these archetypes of androgyny (animus and anima) is a theme across many cultures and throughout the ages. (Singer, 2000) Social Androgyny With the sexual revolution at the turn of the last century, modern social androgyny became more widespread as a cultural expression and lifestyle choice. This was most apparent in the blending of male and female roles expressed through clothing and social relationships. What do international celebrities, Michael Jackson, David Beckham, and Angelina Jolie have in common? Besides being superstars and multi-millionaires, they are the icons of androgyny in our modern culture. As borders blur, markets merge, and cultures blend, androgyny seems to have found its way to the global mainstream. (Lee, 2005) Plato’s Theory of Sexuality From an historical perspective, the concept of sexual androgyny is not a new idea. Androgyny can be traced back to antiquity. One of the most famous theories of the origin of the sexes was put forth by Plato. You recall Plato – the Greek philosopher who told the story of Atlantis. Plato also insisted that the first humans were androgynous – both male and female in the same body. At a certain point there was a division of the sexes so that each body could only express masculine or feminine. Thus the sexual act is an attempt of the separated sexes to achieve the union of male and female in the primal oneness that is the heritage of the complete soul. As it turns out, the Cayce readings not only echo Plato’s story of Atlantis, but also his concept of sexual androgyny and the separation of the sexes, at least as it pertains to human origins. Atlantean Androgyny Apart from incarnation in flesh bodies on planet Earth, souls do not have any need of or interest in the male/female polarity that is the basis for biological sexual reproduction. The first souls who ventured into the material consciousness of the earth realm could project thought bodies into which they pushed their consciousness. Thus the ability to project thought form bodies was the primary means of propagation for the early Atlanteans. Keep in mind that souls can only be created by God. As the thought forms into which souls pushed gradually materialized, these were soul expressions, warped as they may have been. But these materialized soul maintained the ability to project thought forms that could materialize (at least for awhile). Some of the thought form creations of the early Atlanteans were soulless creatures used for labor or entertainment. As some of the Atlanteans looked around at nature and observed sexual reproduction in the animal kingdom, they desired this mode of reproduction and sought sexual gratification that is innate in animals. With this mixing of the soul forms with animal-like soulless projections, animal consciousness became more prominent with an emphasis on survival of the individual and perpetuation of the species as described in Darwin’s theory of evolution and it’s modern variations. Apparently this was a strong attraction for a deeper involvement into the flesh experience. Amilius At this point in our story of the evolution of sexuality in Atlantis we arrive at a point about midway in the history of Atlantis. As a land where souls pushed themselves into expression in flesh forms, Atlantis can be said to have begun about 200,000 years ago. At about 100,000 there existed an individual soul called Amilius. Amilius and his soul group witnessed the sexual activities of those souls who had become involved in the animal behaviors common in nature. Amilius decided that there must be a more spiritual alternative to propagation than sexual reproduction. Oh yes, there is one additional piece of information that I need to share at this point. Amilius and his group were androgynous, meaning that each body contained both the male and female aspects as one. Inherently the soul is not divided – there is no need for the duality of male and female. In the early days of Amilius rule, the separation of the sexes had not yet begun to take place. Though male in their outward aspect [phenotype], the androgynous sons of God embodied within themselves the nature of both male and female in one person. By turning to the Creative Forces, they could become channels to bring into being androgynous progeny after their own kind, imbued with a double soul as well as a double-sexed body. In this way, sexual intercourse was unnecessary as a means of propagation. Moreover, by remaining free from carnal desire, they not only kept open the channel of spiritual communication with the Higher Forces from which they had originated, but they were able to avoid any impure relationships with the sons and daughters of men – fallen souls from the last root race, or early forerunners of their own, who had lost their celestial heritage and taken to copulating in the manner of the beasts around them. (Church, 1989, pp. 90-91) Church’s explanation is admirably succinct but may have oversimplified the situation. The androgynous Atlanteans were not necessarily “male in their outward aspect” (in phenotype), as the account of Aczine and several other androgynous Atlanteans with apparent female phenotype demonstrate. (ECR: 288-6) Similarly, the meaning of “progeneration” may not have been limited to mental projection of creatures or “things.” Some readings suggest that progeneration in Atlantean times may have been something more akin to the “immaculate conception” and “virgin birth” as put forth in the biblical story of Mary and Jesus. By the way, in the Cayce readings Amilius was described as a previous incarnation of Jesus with Mary as a “twin soul.” At any rate, Amilius desired companionship but declined to participate in sexual reproduction. Instead, Amilius projected a thought-form helpmate. Some Cayce scholars have associated this projected companion with the figure known as Lilith in religious and mythological traditions. With regard to this article on sex in Atlantis, the key point is that Amilius created a companion and helpmeet without sexual relations. Division of the Sexes For a long while, the higher caste Atlantean rulers that followed the Law of One tradition established by Amilius maintained purity and retained sexual androgeny as a way of life and reproduction. Thus both male and female were contained within a single body and reproduction (“progeneration”) occurred from within the entity itself. However over time, even the high caste Atanteans were convinced (or seduced) into accepting sexual reproduction as a means of propagation. In the readings this period of great change is referred to as the “separation of the sexes” or “division of the sexes.” At this point let us move beyond concepts and flesh out these ideas with past lives in Atlantis as provided in the Cayce life readings for twentieth-century individuals who sought his counsel. Priestess Asamee – Double Sex and Progeneration from Self On November 2, 1940 a thirty year old housewife received a reading that describes a significant change in the pattern of reproduction amongst the higher echelons of Atlantean society. Whereas the Belial group and common laborers of the lower class utilized sexual reproduction as is prominent in the animal kingdom, the Law of One faction had held to the androgynous pattern of “progeneration of activities from self.” “Progeneration” simply refers to the act of begetting; propagation. (Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, 2012) The change from androgyny (“double sex”) to sexual reproduction was discussed in several readings prior to the “period of the second destruction of the land.” Before that the entity was in the Atlantean land, when there were those periods of activity in which there was the changing of individuals from the double sex, or the ability of the progeneration of activities from self. (ECR: 2390-1) Note that the individual Asamee was a priestess, thus very likely to have been among the elite of the Law of One group in the period just before the “period of the second destruction.” The question arises as to whether “progeneration of activities from self” (androgynous reproduction) as part of the role of priestess practiced in the temples of the Law of One? And one can also wonder as to whether Asamee was of the “double sex” (androgyny) or the new heterosexual expression? The readings do not say. In terms of soul development, it is significant to point out that Asamee had a social conscience and aided the lower class of common people. As we shall see with some of the other individuals discussed in the readings, even the class structure within Atlantean society had a strong sexual dimension. High Priestess Rhea – Progeneration Within Self On March 15, 1941 a twenty-four-year-old art student received a reading that described a past life as high priestess Rhea in Atlantis in the period preceding the “second upheavals.” Before that the entity was in the Atlantean land, during those activities in that period preceding the second upheavals. The entity was among the children of the law of One; a high priestess, who chose to keep within self those abilities for progeneration. (ECR: 2464-1) Note that Rhea “chose” to keep within self the “abilities for progeneration.” A follow-up reading provided some additional details about that lifetime as Rhea: Among those of the entity's own group that division had come in which there had arisen the separation of the sexes. There were those who had listened, and who were inclined to listen to the tempting applications made by the sons of Belial. These had made some impressions upon the companion, upon the workers – together with the entity in its choice of the representatives, in the activity among the peoples of that period. (ECR: 2464-2) Note that during this period before the “second upheavals” there was the division among the Law of One faction in which some individuals chose to follow the promptings of the Belial faction and experience the separation of the sexes. It is not entirely clear as to whether Rhea chose to retain the ability of progeneration within self or participated in the “separation of the sexes” that was adopted by many within the Law of One group. Reading 2464-2 indicates that Rhea maintained her integrity and justness though tempted by a companion or associate amongst the Law of One who came under the spell of the Belials. Is-Es-So – Divisions of Sexes The choice of words used to describe the change from sexual androgeny (progeneration within self) to a more natural biological sexuality is evocative. In a reading for a twenty-year-old woman given on July 14, 1942 this dramatic change is called the “divisions of the sexes.” One is left to wonder if the “divisions” in this instance refers to the social roles that would result from this change or whether the “divisions” refers to literal biological divisions into male and female bodies (as in a sex change operation). Before that the entity was in the Atlantean land, when there were those activities where there were the divisions of sexes. This entity was in close relationships with those who were among the first offspring of such divisions; thus being among the first of the princesses of that particular period of activity. The entity was raised to power, for the entity was blessed with that ability to hold to those things that had been the practice of the father in that period or sojourn. Thus the spiritual, mental and material relationships to the entity are those channels through which growth comes. The name then was Is-Es-So. (ECR: 2753-2) Note that Is-Es-So was among the “first of the princesses of that particular period.” As a princess, she would have been among the elite, upper level of Atlantean society. Since she was raised to power and followed the practices of her “father” suggests that the divisions of the sexes had been the choice of her parents, otherwise there would not have been a designated “father.” Uclz – “separations of the bodies as male and female” In the one then before this we find in that land known as the Atlantean, during that period when there were the separations of the bodies as male and female, for the entity then began one of power in the period – and making for those of the first TEMPORAL abodes, in houses that were of peculiar structure, that oft comes to the entity's inner self in the present of that CIRCULAR home, house, abode, or city, or peoples, that there may be the proper differentiations in those of the abilities of individuals to mete out that of a PRODUCTIVE nature; whether the layman, that produces that of the original, or whether those that make for the change into the use of the various efforts of the various groups in THEIR respective sphere, or whether in that that DISTRIBUTES to the NEEDS of those that labor IN the various fields OF the passing of foods, apparel, OR what not, from the PRODUCTIVE end to that of the USER, or of the distributor. In the name Uclz. In the present may the entity, in the latter portion, gain much of visions that may lead to that wherein much as used, or abused (as the entity lost in that experience) for a MATERIAL, and if used properly – a soul development in the present. (ECR: 2121-2) Note the explicit reference to biological heterogeneity: “… period when there were the separations of the bodies as male and female …” This was also the period of the “first TEMPORAL abodes.” Thus it would seem that the separation of the sexes may have led to the need for permanent, separate housing. This reading also describes the creation of a stratified society laid out in concentric circles with the most important (highest social class) at the center as described by Plato. Keep in mind that during the early period of Atlantean society when sexual androgyny predominated, there were no families as such. Rather there were groups of like-minded individuals who chose to associate with each other in a communal manner. With the division of the sexes and more of a nuclear family dynamic, perhaps the need for “single family housing” became a priority, as described in reading 2121-2. Androgyny and Homosexuality? Yes, we have the records here of a very unusual personality, being also an Atlantean. This experience may make or break the entity in its search for that which is to answer those spiritual interpretations or the carnal forces in the experience of the entity through the earthly sojourns. Then, as indicated, we have those unusual experiences in the earth by the entity and the definite urges which are at variance to the general activities in the sex relationships. For in the experience in the Atlantean land, the entity sought to be both and wasn't very successful at either…. Before that we find the entity was in the Atlantean land and in those periods before Adam was in the earth. The entity was among those who were then "thought projections", and the physical being had the union of sex in the one body, and yet a real musician on pipes or reed instruments. As to the abilities of the entity, then, that to which it may attain and how: There is nothing impossible for the entity to attain in fame or fortune or in its spiritual unfoldment and yet these will NOT be easy until the entity has conquered self…. (Q) Am I homosexual? (A) Read what has been given. (Q) What have been my previous relationships with […] of … Long Island? (A) You were good Atlanteans together but not very good people. (ECR: 5056-1) This is a very curious case in which the reading seems to explaining a modern tendency toward homosexuality as a shadow of a past life in Atlantis in which there was a “union of sex in one body” (biological androgeny). Apparently, the Atlantean attempt at sexual androgeny was not entirely constructive. Note that this experience was before Adam was in the earth. This reading appears to be making a connection between the creation of the ideal human form (as symbolized in Adam) and the division of the sexes. Atlantis – Sex In Atlantis – McMillin Media In keeping with the theme of looking for the echoes of Atlantis in the modern world, The Cayce readings portrayal of sex in Atlantis includes the full spectrum of sexual experience that now… MCMILLINMEDIA.COM

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